25 Oct


Thank You Jesus for this Day, For this week and for this Life you have given to me.

First, I would like to say sorry to Jesus. I know I have made a lot of mistakes and sins in my life. I made a wrong decisions and wrong mind setting. Inspite of that, He still forgives. My Lord is a Lord Of Forgiveness. He is a Lord Of Second Chance. He is Everything. It makes me cry when I see the flashbacks of yesterday. It keeps me guilty and dead. But you know what, He restoreth my soul. Jesus! I need you in my life. I cant live without you. You are my life . You are my Saviour ! ;(


This week, we’re in the midst of happiness and sadness. Happiness because it’s sembreak time again. My mind rest have rested and my body re-energized. Sadness because of the field trip. Although,

its happy ,there’s something bothers me . But still, I’, thankful.

That moment that you always want to cry and cry and give glory to the Lord but

there’s a lot of hindrance.

Thankful to God that He wakes up my mother every morning and give enough strength to face the challenges of her everytime.I always watch my mother every night thinking what if one day,she grows old?What if one day, she can’t stand anymore? Am I ready?

I think, I should be serious right now. I don’t know what will happen next. I don’t know. By the time she gets old, I will assure that she will get the best life ever. I promise. God is great, magnificent and omnipotent.   He gave me the wisdom, knowledge, strength and what more I can give but glory and praises. Jesus Thank You so Much. Thank You. ;(

ENCOUNTER GOD RETREAT! Hope that this will change my life. I know some people would say something about my blog. “BADUY!”, “PLASTIK!”, “SO WHAT!”, Whatever they say,in the end, It’s between me God. Not between me and Them.  Glory to God! God Bless 

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Posted by on October 25, 2012 in Daily Living


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